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"There are many reasons why I enjoy working with Monica. She is one of the best strategic thinkers that I have met. 


"Through conversation and brainstorming, Monica opens up a vision, and then it takes her very little time to turn that vision into specific goals and objectives. 


"Her communication plans for the Food Bank have helped us attract media attention, frame our message so that it is easily understood by the public, and avoid distracting or tangential ideas that are off-message.


"She created and conducted an incredibly successful media plan for our recent marketing campaign. As a result of Monica’s consultation, [the] campaign was featured in stories on the front page of the Providence Journal and three local television networks. The campaign was covered in online editions of the New York Times, USA Today and the Chronicle of Philanthropy. 


"The media response exceeded our expectations and won the praise of the campaign’s major sponsor, Citizens Bank. I recommend Monica to any organization that wants to improve its visibility, hone its message and deliver strategic communications."


 Andrew Schiff, CEO

Rhode Island Community Food Bank

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